Indio The Egg 7&
Indio The Egg 7&
Indio The Egg 7&

Indio The Egg 7'2 Flowers

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Indio The Egg 7'2 Flowers Surfboard

Tri 1 tab fins included.
Futures Fins System

Epoxy Construction.

  • Proven Shapes
  • EPS fused cell core
  • Extra High Quality fiberglass Lay Up
  • Extra durable epoxy glass
  • Lightweight
  • Compatible with Futures Fins


It is the perfect design for the weekend warrior or a beginner ́s first board. The wider nose helps paddling into the waves. Its gradual rocker, rounded rails, generous volume and harmonic outline make for a user friendly board.

This tried and tested shape has been used for many years and is guaranteed to work well in most conditions.

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