Pukas 5&

Pukas 5'10 Tasty

Originele prijs €615,00


This is Axel Lorentz’s high-performance shortboard and suits a wide variety of surfers , not just the best surfers. Wondering which magic board Andy Criere used to win the Basque Country Surfing Circuit? The Tasty. He won both contests in San Sebastian and Zarautz and is no f luke; Axel has put over 3 years developing it .

The Pukas Tasty by Axel Lorentz pursues high-performance as the top issue . It has a medium entr y rocker and pronounced rocker in tail , providing pivot of f the bottom. Extra volume and width makes it work in a wider variety of conditions . Features a full single concave through the board giving plenty of drive on critical situations .

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