Indio DAB 5&
Indio DAB 5&
Indio DAB 5&

Indio DAB 5'11 Terracota

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Indio DAB 5'11 Terracota Surfboard

  • The Endurance Dab Fish Terracotta is a super fun board. All the classism of a fish with a modern touch.
  • A board that will surprise you with its speed and traction.
  • Its wide and low tip helps you improve your paddling and its soft rocker gives you great paddling power while making it very easy to use.
  • Its simple concave at the wide point of your feet will help you make the transitions from edge to edge. To finish off with a double concave at keel height to give you extra speed and control.
  • Made with epoxy of great resistance and durability.

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