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Lost X Pukas 5'7 Hyperlink

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  • Lost X Pukas 5'7 Hyperlink Surfboard


    The Hyperlink is an exclusive Pukas Surfboard designed by Matt Biolos (Mayhem) just for European waves.   So, there’s a reason for 10 years of collaboration between Pukas and Mayhem behind it. A collaboration that has been evolving for the past two years and made possible bringing the Hyperlink to life just for Europe through the Link Two design’s smart spin. 

    Hybrid Performance’s New Name: The Hyperlink 

    How does the Hyperlink come to life then? | Matt Biolos started with the Pukas Link Two design to come up with a new speedy surfboard: The Hyperlink. He wanted to go for a really fast surfboard that would offer swift turns and still be responsive. So, he raised the entry rocker a bit, lowered the tail rocker and added some curve to the stringer line. The double concave is deepened and the deck is a bit flattened while making steeper rails with smaller bottom rail radius. This brings the surfboard up to a great speed.

     Regarding the volume, Matt added significant volume to the forward foil and a small “beak” to the nose. As for the tail of the surfboard, he scooped out the tail in the deck for more response and sensitivity under the rear foot. 

     The nose tip is pulled in the forward which gives the likes of a wide shortboard nose, rather than a hybrid nose. This adds a more race and sexy look, kinda like the old 80’s classic Pukas surfboard designs.

    Who validated the Hyperlink then? |Another novelty of this exclusive European shape is that Matt Biolos was so satisfied with this new shape, he opened this design to be tested by his elite …Lost international team members. This is when Ian Crane himself raised his hand and proved him right by shredding waves Biarritz, Donostia / San Sebastián and some other European beach breaks. Ian Crane loves it so much that the Hyperlink has flown over to California and is now one of the surfboards that he surfs on a daily basis.

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